Cross-Platform Achievement Tracker and Guides Aggregator

Welcome to Trophies Hunter, the leading cross-platform achievement tracking and guides aggregator solution for Xbox, Steam, PlayStation, EA Play and other platforms gamers. Elevate your gaming experience and consolidate your achievements effortlessly with our unified dashboard.

Currently supported platforms:

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Cross-Platform Achievement Tracking.

Discover the ease of cross-platform achievement tracking. No more platform-hopping – track your gaming triumphs effortlessly in one central hub.

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Game DLC Achievement Tracking.

Experience the thrill of tracking not only your standard achievements but also your game DLC achievements. Trophies Hunter ensures you never miss a milestone, whether it's in the base game or the latest DLC release.

Achievements Guides.

Benefit from the expertise of seasoned gamers and achievement hunters who provide detailed strategies, tips, and tricks to help you overcome even the most daunting challenges. From hidden secrets to elusive trophies, we leave no achievement unturned.

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